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    by Craver

    I've been using a couple of PL80a microphones from Electro-Voice for about six-months.  I use them for my solo/band gigs and at the open mics that I host.  Here's my take...

    Sound Quality - This mic delivers clean high-tones with a warm bass.  I generally set my vocal settings 'flat' when using this mic, as it really delivers 'true tone' sound.

    Feedback - The PL80a does a great job of reducing feedback.  I typically fly two-mics for vocals and add a third for percussion. I can crank the monitors up and I still don't get feedback.  What a blessing!

    Instrument Micing - This mic does an 'OK' job with instruments, but it's not really designed for it.  It's a dynamic mic and you need to be 'up on it' to have it perform at its' peak.

    Open Mic Relevance - 'Two Thumbs Up!'  I've used mics by Shure and others in the past.  The EV PL80a does a better job.

    Summary - If you're looking for a mic that will make you sound your best, will stand up to rugged road use, and won't cost you 'the farm,' the EV PL80a is the mic for you!


    Audio Frequency Response 80 Hz - 16,000 Hz
    Case Material Die cast zinc
    Connector Type 3-pin XLR
    Element Dynamic
    Finish Textured Satin Black
    Impedance, Low-Z balanced 600 Ω
    Mic Type Handheld
    Open Circuit Voltage 2.2 mV/Pascal
    Polar Pattern Supercardioid
    Power Requirement Passive
    Wired/Wireless Wired
    Weight Net 11.75 oz (333 g)